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The application of carbon dioxide

The application of carbon dioxide

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Carbon dioxide has a wide range of USES in all sectors of the national economy. Carbon dioxide products are mainly extracted and recovered from ammonia to hydrogen process gas, fermentation gas, lime kiln gas, acid and gas, ethylene oxidation side reaction gas and flue gas, and the purity of commercial products is not less than 99% (volume).

Carbon dioxide can be injected into the beverage to increase the pressure, so that the beverage contains bubbles, to increase the taste when drinking, such as soda and beer are examples.

Solid carbon dioxide (or dry ice) vaporizes at room temperature and absorbs a lot of heat, so it can be used in rapid food freezing.

Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not fuel combustion, so many fire extinguishers use its properties to extinguish fires by producing carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide extinguisher is directly used to extinguish the fire with liquefied carbon dioxide, in addition to the above characteristics, more after the fire will not leave solid residue.

Carbon dioxide can also be used as a protective gas for welding, which is less effective than other rare gases (such as argon), but much cheaper.

Carbon dioxide laser is an important industrial laser source.

Carbon dioxide can be used to make wine, and carbon dioxide gas creates an anoxic environment that helps prevent bacteria from growing in grapes.

Co2 controls the pH. The pool adds co2 to control the pH. Co2 is added to keep the pH from rising.

Carbon dioxide can be used in the alkali and sugar industries.

Carbon dioxide can be used as a foaming agent in the plastics industry.

Dry ice can be used in artificial rain, stage smoke effect, food industry, special effects of food, etc.

Dry ice can be used to clean nuclear equipment and printing industry plate roller.

Dry ice can be used in automobile, ship, aviation, space and electronics industries. By reducing pressure, the liquid carbon dioxide becomes gas volume and the fabric is separated, which completely eliminates the complicated post-treatment process brought by traditional solvent.

CO. Supercritical extraction. Carbon dioxide in temperature above the critical temperature (Tc) 31 ℃, 3 mpa pressure is higher than critical pressure (Pc), under the condition of nature change, its close to liquid density, viscosity to gas, liquid diffusion coefficient for 100 times, and thus has a strong ability to dissolve, can dissolve various material with it, and then extract the effective components, using the technology to produce high value-added products, can be extracted using chemical methods to extract from a past, and cheap, non-toxic, safe and efficient. It is applicable to chemical, medicine, food and other industries.

Carbon dioxide extraction

Carbon dioxide extraction 

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