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What is the role of supercritical extraction equipment in the medical industry

What is the role of supercritical extraction equipment in the medical industry

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The application of supercritical carbon dioxide in the medical industry far exceeds that of other industries. Therefore, the application of supercritical carbon dioxide in the medical industry is divided into three categories - biological active substances and natural drug extraction, pharmacy and drug analysis

A. extraction of bioactive substances and natural drugs

(A) concentrated sardine oil, EPA and DHA in platyhela, and the comprehensive utilization of seaweed resources opened up A new way.

(B) extract the yolk phosphorus ester from the yolk

(C) extraction of soybean phosphoester from soybeans

(D) extraction of carotene from rotten tomatoes

B. pharmacy

Supercritical fluid crystallization technology is based on material solubility in the supercritical fluid is sensitive to temperature and pressure characteristics of the preparation of ultrafine particles, including GAS (GAS) resistance to solvent process used in the processing of bioactive substances. Process is refers to under the condition of high pressure GAS dissolved carbon dioxide to make organic solvent, cohesion can significantly reduce, dissolving capacity decreases, and already dissolved substances to form crystalline or amorphous precipitation process. Applications are as follows

(A) carbon dioxide and insulin dimethylsulfoxide solutions are injected from the top of the precipitator through A special nozzle, and the two are mixed under high pressure and flow out of the precipitator. Insulin crystallization is concentrated in the screening program at the bottom.

(B) increase the bioavailability of molecules with poor solubility

(C) development of less invasive parenteral administration methods (such as pulmonary administration and percutaneous absorption systems) for humans.

C. drug analysis

To use of supercritical fluid chromatography technology of supercritical fluid chromatography, as shown in figure 2, with high speed, high efficiency and strong selectivity, high separation efficiency, and save time, less dosage, low cost, conditions are easy to control, not contaminated samples, etc., suitable for hard to volatilize, rapid analysis of pyrolysis macromolecule material. Expert coffee is analyzed with supercritical fluid chromatography, ginger powder, pepper, hops, hemp, etc. All in all, supercritical fluid technology in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to used in extracting active substance from plants, more and more widely used, many promising applications are under development.

D. Pellet production of special medicinal ingredients

In the pharmaceutical industry applications, the manufacture of special pharmaceutical particles, supercritical fluid technology

Industrial application of important technologies in the development of supercritical fluid technology can effectively control the formation of medical particles, whether solid particles or loose particles with internal structure, polar or non-polar particles and particles with particle size ranging from 50nm to 50wm can be produced. The application technologies for the formation of these particles mainly fall into three categories, namely: The rapid expansion of supercritical solution method (reiss), GAS or supercritical fluid of solvent (GAS or SAS), and compressed the solvent precipitation (PCA). The application of the technology product range includes eating powder, intravenous solution dispersant etc. Orders, this aspect of the application research of small devices very much, and the industrial production equipment is only about 50 liters of tub can, on the design of multi-function equipment is also how the product meets the practical needs, the main problem is probably the equipment must conform to the drug good operating procedures (cGMP) norms, These requirements you may have to include the quality and the source of carbon dioxide, and the process and the requirements of raw materials, the provisions of the software and hardware in the factory, including process standardization, quality control and quality assurance system, operating procedures set, control software and the hardware certification, material quality requirements of raw materials and equipment, pressure vessel inspection, equipment cleaning operation rules and controller sensor calibration, etc., the rules for equipment manufacturers and the use of equipment products manufacturers, are important, and must be estimated the cost of investment. The article is from the network

Supercritical foaming equipment

Supercritical foaming equipment

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